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Our trip to England

The 18 hours bus tour

I was excited! Now starts our trip to England. New people, new culture, new country, all is different. 6:30 pm, four classes stood in front of the school. All was very loud and stressed. Now starts the race to get the best seats. The 18 – hour – bus tour can start. Sleeping was the hardest challenge. Most students slept only two hours.

The Black Prince Edward of Woodstook

After the ferry we went to Canterbury and visited the town and the cathedral. Inside the cathedral where the Black Prince Edward of Woodstook was buried. All students were very tired and I think we all forgot most of the information. After that we drove to Hastings and our host families picked us up. The family was friendly and we understood most.

We saw the Royals

Next day we drove to London, most of the students were excited. At first we visited the Science Museum, that was a bit boring. We went there by underground. After that we looked at sights and we had free time near Chinatown. Afterwards we saw the London Eye. On the way to the London Eye we saw the Royals with the elegant black cars. Then we drove one round with the London Eye. It was a beautiful view of London. It was very late when we went to our host families. That was one of the most exhausting days in the whole week.

The famous fish and chips

On the third day we hiked on the cliffs from Beachy Head there we saw a lot of nature. Next we went by our bus to Brighton. There we got a three hours break. The fronts of the stores were all so beautiful and nicely decorated. There we also ate the famous fish and chips. We found it not so delicious as we were told.

Now it`s tea-time

On our last day in England we participated in a tea party. The woman told us about the story from tea. In the beginning she was very loud and exhausting but a bit later she was okay. We drank typical English tea. After the tea party we had free time in Hastings to spend our last money and buy something for dinner. In the evening we went back to Germany. Our families were so happy to see us. They miss us more than we missed them.

All in all the trip was really nice and we realised that England is a beautiful country.

Lara, Majandra, Lukas, Nele, Lea 9d

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